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Light In Motion

I love creating awesome work for my clients but it's rare that I get a chance to create work on my own. This is a collection of images that I titled "Light in Motion". I went to a county fair with my daughters a few years ago. After watching them on a few of the rides at sunset, I got to thinking, "I wonder what light patterns I could capture with a long exposure". The next night I returned with a 16mm fisheye to find out. This was a fun project. I went on to include the same concept to my client work and produced some cool results. #followme #lightinmotion #dusk #longexposure

YO-YO. Ohio State Fair Columbus, OH

Sky Wheel. Myrtle Beach, SC

Franklin County Fair. Hilliard, OH

Zipper. Ohio State Fair.

Client Work. Image 1 - Bride and Groom in Wooster, OH. Image 2 and 3 - Old Hilliard.

Image 4 - Lindey's Restaurant in German Village (Columbus, OH).

Image 5 - The Magnificent Mile, Chicago, IL.

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